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Click on the tabs to see your finished charts, your uploaded gedcom files or to ‘Upload a New Gedcom or PDF File’. Upload a PDF and get an instant online quote. Easy order entry to get your chart printed and in the post within 2 working days. Your charts will be despatched rolled in an acid-free sleeve. We reserve the right to despatch in either a single cardboard tube or box depending upon the size and method of despatch. Additional tubes can be purchased.

Charts are best viewed in Chrome web browser, otherwise download and view.

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Our system can accept Gedcom (*.ged) (Must be lowercase),  PDF (*.pdf) or Zip (*.zip) files. Any other type of file will be rejected.  Zip files must contain a Gedcom file or they will be rejected after upload.

If the gedcom file is from Gramps, then please contact us first.

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