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and new text schemes plus there will be some new chart layouts.

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Submit a gedcom file and get a free family tree chart design returned within minutes.
Ancestry customers please first email with your gedcom file as there is currently an issue with those files.

OPTIONAL printing service – orders are printed and dispatched the same working day if ordered before 1pm
If you have already designed your chart in your favourite tree program you may upload a finished PDF and get an instant online quote for printing your chart.


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Please watch our 5.0 minute video to learn how to use the chart generator.


View your family tree as a fabulous wall chart. Choose from a wide range of formats and styles and we will create the chart for you to check and proof read before ordering. There is no obligation to order and you may create as many charts as you like before deciding which one to order.

You may then order your chart to be printed, rolled and posted out to anywhere in the World (postage calculated at the checkout) for you and your family to enjoy.

Just upload a gedcom file and tell us who is the key person on the chart along with a few other details and we will do the rest.

Why not order extra copies for relatives and take advantage of our quantity discounts.

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How to get a chart

Step One  – Go to ‘Chart Gallery’ and chose from a range of Ancestor, Pedigree, Descendant, Hourglass and All relatives layouts , pick a layout design and go to step two.

Step Two – Use ‘Upload New file’ to send us your gedcom file, select that file from ‘My Gedcom files’ and then search for the root or couple that you want to use for the diagram.

Step Three – click on ‘Request Chart’.

Step Four – In a few moments you will receive an email telling you that your chart is ready to view. Go to ‘My charts & files’ to view or order your chart. If you find any errors just make the changes in your original file and go to step 1 again.

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Order only when you are completely happy with your chart design. Once you have approved your chart design you may place your order by clicking add to cart. Then you will be directed to the MyHistory shopping check out to pay for your chart and once the system knows the country where you live it will calculate the airmail/shipping charge.