Everyone Charts

A chart that contains every person on it falls within our bespoke service. 

Our bespoke chart service is calculated in two parts.

The first part is our design time.  Everyone charts require us to spend time positioning people correctly in a sensible format and checking data for errors.  This design time is charged at £7.50 for every 15 minutes we spend working on the chart. This charge is payable regardless of whether the final chart is ordered or not.

The second charge is for the cost of the final printed chart itself.  This is determined by its final size and what paper weight you chose to have it printed on.  For instance a 17” tall by 58” long chart printed on 120 gsm paper would be £20.95 and the same chart printed on a canvas would be £31.45.  We do discount for multiple copies ordered starting at 25% for 2 -4 charts ordered.

If you would like us to begin work for you, we would require the questionnaire (click to download the questionnaire) completing and returning via email (charts@my-history.co.uk) and a deposit of £30 to be paid.

You can either pay this deposit over the telephone or online using the link below.  This is a ‘holding’ deposit and your charge will not be debited until we complete the work.  We have had to introduce this fee due to non-payment of invoices.